Coffee making simplified and loving it!

Years ago, I used to have a coffee maker at work. I made coffee. Then cappuccino and latte became popular so I got a basic machine and made myself latte’s at work.Fast forward a few years and I’m too busy to make coffee so I used instant. I found that I really liked ginseng coffe, like this one:

Then, last year I sort of re-discovered pressed coffee, and honestly the coffee seems just as good as any other way. It’s far easier to make, doesn’t require me to keep watch on it, is cheap (no expensive equipment required!), and easy to clean up.

Mine is similar to this one and it really works great and makes that quick cup of coffee easy.

Oh, and for hot water? I absolutely LOVE my zojurishi. It’s better than under the counter instant hot water on demand heaters. We went through a number of those an invariably, cheap or expensive, the under the counter type all failed in a year or two. The Zojirushi has been going strong for years and is very easy to deal with.

Baked a loaf of Jalapeno Asiago Sourdough Bread today.

I am still working on improving my bread skills and my week works out to baking, spending a few days eating the bread, then a couple days to ‘rest” (I don’t want to burn out the family on bread, as we’re not huge bread eaters), and then I experiment with another loaf.

Today, I made a loaf of Jalapeno Asiago Sourdough using the sourdough starter that I’ve been working on and my Zojirushi Home Bakery Supreme Breadmaker.

What I did was take my homemade sourdough starter out of the refrigerator last night and bring it to room temperature. Then I fed it, making sure it was active. Continue reading

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