Yum Som O, a fanfare of flavors in this different salad.

Wow!, Who would have thought the light, slightly sour-sweet flavor of the pomelo would blend so well with the sweet, sour, salty, hotness of Thai salad dressing! I stopped in at Yum & Tum at Central Festival tonight and couldn’t resist picking this healthy looking treat.

Blended with the Pomelo was dried shrimp and shaved toasted shrimp sung (i’m not 100% sure what the shaved bits were on top. I thought it was pork sung, then shrimp…), thinly sliced shallots, garlic, and coriander tossed with fish sauce, sugar, perhaps lime. I was trying to figure it out by taste. Bird’s eye chile supplied the fire. Continue reading

Tamnanthai restaurant, Thailand

Top quality Thai food, albeit at top prices. I had dinner at Central Festival Mall tonight. I was wandering around and decided to try an intriguing Thai restaurant that looked like it was going for the higher end.

Since this was not your typical fifty dishes fast, kind of place, many of the dishes were too large for me alone. (fish, for example). After going through the menu front to back a couple times, I ended up picking the first item on the first page. A fried chicken and sticky rice plate with a bowl of som tum (papaya salad).

It was cooked while I waited and when it arrived it was plated simply, yet beautifully. The chicken was excellent. The skin was as crispy as roast pork skin, the way it crackled and crunched. The sticky rice was a lesson to me in how dry sticky rice should be. It’s so easy to drown your sticky rice and cooking it with a rice cooker leads to mushy sticky rice as well. The Thai use a conical shaped bamboo steamer seated in a proper sized pot to cook their sticky rice and the quality difference is amazing. A story to follow up on perhaps.

The only thing I found that I wasn’t thrilled about was the som tum. I personally found it to be flat, unspicy, and far too salty. Missing was the sour bite of lime and the sweetness of tamarind, buried under what tasted like a double portion of fish sauce. Was it ‘dumbed down’ for tourists? Was it the chef’s personal preference? I didn’t ask, so I will never know. Usually a Thai eatery will have a set of four condiments to adjust the basic for tastes of Thai food, but there was none here and I didn’t bother to ask.

This was my only meal today. I skipped breakfast and lunch. It was good overall. The service at the restaurant was excellent. The price, I paid for that plate and an ice tea was 350 baht and that really could have fed an entire family. Actually with street food, you could feed a Thai family twice.

Still, it wasn’t bad. I think, though, that there are other (perhaps less fancy) Thai restaurants, Thai chains, and Thai food carts that I’ll try before returning as a solo diner.

I think this restaurant, for me, would be best enjoyed taking a group or a number of family members here to enjoy the upscale seating and decor and being able to try more dishes at once.

You can find out more about the restaurant and it’s other locations here


I love streetfood in Thailand

Where even chicken butts taste good! 😀
Ok, really, they’re not chicken butts, but rather the fatty tail of the chicken.

I was walking by and this smelled pretty good, so I grabbed two sticks. I figured it was slices of thigh (silly me) but they turned out to be the tails. Eight of them on two sticks cost only 20 baht (about 65 cents). If you’ve never eaten chicken tails before, they’re not bad, just quite fatty and possessing a small bone down the middle. They were quite tasty and strangely, hit the spot.

Later, as I was walking along the beach, there were a few street vendors. Among the dishes sold were these silver dollar sized fried crabs.

There’s virtually no meat on them. You pop the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy!
Then, of course, since it was the fried food lady, there were fried chicken (yes real regular chicken parts this time) and fried shrimp.

They weren’t bad, but were ambient temperature. Better if hot, I’d think. Still, quite tasty, and if you’ve ever seen what a little footprint they take up frying this stuff in equipment that would barely fit a backpack you’d be amazed.

More as I experience it.

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