Thai crabs are not like the crabs I grew up eating.

These are crabs set in a quart sized bowl on the end of a som tum food cart. There’s two types of crabs in it. The lighter ones on the left and the darker ones on the right. If I am not mistaken, the darker ones are the salted preserved crabs. Both were part of the som tum menu.

The way it works is you order Som Tum [type], so Som Tum Poo means Som Tum with crab, while Som Tum Kung would be Som Tum with prawns. Som Tum Poo Pla Ra is the crab with fermented fish sauce. Very strong!

I love streetfood in Thailand

Where even chicken butts taste good! 😀
Ok, really, they’re not chicken butts, but rather the fatty tail of the chicken.

I was walking by and this smelled pretty good, so I grabbed two sticks. I figured it was slices of thigh (silly me) but they turned out to be the tails. Eight of them on two sticks cost only 20 baht (about 65 cents). If you’ve never eaten chicken tails before, they’re not bad, just quite fatty and possessing a small bone down the middle. They were quite tasty and strangely, hit the spot.

Later, as I was walking along the beach, there were a few street vendors. Among the dishes sold were these silver dollar sized fried crabs.

There’s virtually no meat on them. You pop the whole thing in your mouth and enjoy!
Then, of course, since it was the fried food lady, there were fried chicken (yes real regular chicken parts this time) and fried shrimp.

They weren’t bad, but were ambient temperature. Better if hot, I’d think. Still, quite tasty, and if you’ve ever seen what a little footprint they take up frying this stuff in equipment that would barely fit a backpack you’d be amazed.

More as I experience it.

The best noodle stand in Bangkok, Thailand

I love this place. Totally. Enraptured. So much so that we’ve been here four times now, each time (after discovering it the first time) making a trek out to find it *just* for the noodles before going onwards with our other plans of the day.

What is it? It’s a noodle cart! Run by a lady and (I think) her daughter, and once, when she was away what looked like her adult son covering for her while she took a quick break.

What do they do? They make fried seafood noodles, a form of Kway Teow Talay.


Why is it special? They quickly pan fry each ingredient, searing in the flavor  before pouring it over a bowl of pan seared noodles.

Review, photos, and detailed directions on exactly where to find the vendor after the jump! Continue reading

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