Beef & Mushroom in a Red Wine Stroganoff Sauce

Had a wonderful day off cooking with my daughter. I decided to blend a couple ideas together and we made oxtail stroganoff. The stroganoff sauce was based on the oxtail, assorted mushrooms including porcini for deep, intense, earthy taste, and red wine. The sauce was finished with sour cream to balance out the strong and potentially bitter flavors of the wine and mushrooms. It worked out pretty well.

We started by marinating the oxtails overnight in soy sauce, garlic, and a bit of onion. In the morning, I rolled the oxtail in flour and then put them in the broiler. I often will use a dutch oven to sear them and then make stew in the dutch oven, but today I wanted to try a broiling technique I had seen in a facebook foodie group I’m in. It worked pretty well. Continue reading

Awesome ravioli, and a tip.



We’re still making pasta by hand in the kitchen and we’ve pretty much got it down pat now. One thing I learned the last time I made the ravioli was that it’s actually better to make the filling ahead of time and refrigerating it. It stays cold throughout the process and is easier to handle. In fact, it stays together so nicely, that you can get fuller and much nicer looking ravioli.

Here’s the tip. Make the stuffing ahead of time and refrigerate. Then when you fill the ravioli, instead of spooning it in or throwing it in, roll them into neat balls. It’s so much neater and makes the ravioli turn out so much nicer.

As you seal the ravioli, keep one end open enough to allow air to escape. If you can keep the ravioli relatively free of air bubbles and filled uniformly, you should end up with a product which looks like this when cut.

Fresh Ravioli & Fettuccine, served! :)

I served the ravioli with a red sauce that is based on what I remember of Campbell’s Pepper Pot Soup tasting like. It was robust, with a spicy flavor. The fettuccine, I served with a bacon artichoke cream sauce. The flavors worked out well with the paired pasta and played against each other pretty well too. I’m no TV food critic, but it tasted pretty good and my wife & daughter ate it up 🙂

Making fresh, handmade ravioli

I decided to break out the pasta roller again, seems I love the thing. I especially love the flavor you get when you make your own pasta with fresh eggs. I just don’t think you can beat it.

I started by making the filling, using cooked sausage, a variety of cheeses, a little fresh basil from my herb garden, a little garlic salt and some shiitake and button mushroom. Blended it down a little bit in the food processor and then let it rest a bit.

In the meantime, I got out the handy dandy Atlas Marcato Wellness 150 Pasta Machine.

It really has been great and so much better than a cheap one I had years ago. I opened it up after receiving it and took a look at the insides. As far as I could see it was all metal construction. Well built. I made a full recipe of pasta dough and divided into four balls and let them rest. I later ended up subdividing each ball in half again.

As you can see, I like to divide it part way into the rolling process, just to keep everything organized and neat.

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