Delicious Bauernfruhstuck! Domicil Restaurant in Pattaya

I found myself in the mood for a filling breakfast with eggs, potatoes, and some meat and stumbled across Domicil Restaurant on 2nd road in Pattaya. Taking a look at the menu I saw the big omelet filled with what promised to be all sorts of delicious goodness. I have to say I was not disappointed!

The potatoes were scalloped and mixed with ham and sauteed onions. The entire thing was covered in egg and forms a large kind of pan omelet. Breakfast came with juice, coffee, two slices of bread with jam. Delicious!

Deer force early harvest!

The deer were my friends. Really. Not in a “Bambi, I <3 you, let me hug you” kind of way, but in a “I respect your right to exist and won’t bother you as you eat stuff out of my yard” kind of way.

For a time, everything was fine. They ignored the ugly potato plants in favor of other, more succulent treats, like the narcissus flowers and stems along the fence. I never bothered them, nor approached them, just watched and enjoyed seeing them feed as I had morning coffee…and life was good for all.

Deer in my yard

The fawns striking a "Charlie's Angels" pose.

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