Corned beef potato pancakes

Corned Beef Potato Pancake

If you were to ask me what my favorite breakfast is, it wouldn’t even take me a second to come up with the answer. Far and away my favorite breakfast is a cross of corned beef hash and shredded potato pancakes that I make as often as my calorie conscience allows.

Corned Beef Potato Pancakes

To make it, you shred a potato, mix with corn beef (and, if you like, onion), and then pan fry it. I prefer it to corn beef hash, which I also enjoy, as I like the texture of the potato pancake better.

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Delicious Cambodian food at The 252 Hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia

We stayed at The 252 Hotel in Phnom Penh Cambodia, which was really pretty wonderful. Details about the trip are here on our travel blog, One of the features that we liked was their nice cook to order restaurant. Our room included breakfast, but as we were tired some days and their food was quite good we ended up eating there for other meals as well. Here’s a sample of what we had. Continue reading

Breakfast at The 252 – Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The 252 is a boutique hotel in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Each morning we’re enjoying the included breakfast at the hotel restaurant/coffee shop. Hotel review and report coming up on

Breakfast is Coffee, Orange Juice, Toast, a french roll, butter, jam, bacon, and eggs made the way you want (sunny side up, omelet, scrambled etc…).

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Black pudding and a full English Breakfast in Pattaya

I was in the mood for black pudding. A taste I developed visiting Eddie’s Tavern in Bandung way up to the Northeast near Udon Thani. Black pudding is a sausage made of blood and a filler (often oatmeal) seasoned and cooked until it congeals. It’s not always the easiest item to find served in restaurants and a number of ex-pats I spoke to only knew where to get it to take home. I literally stumbled across it at Le Katai, a few doors down from China Garden on Soi Lengkee where I was staying.

Now, luckily this area has a good concentration of English ex-pats and tourists, so the food is geared towards their tastes. As I walked down the street, I saw their large “A” frame sign advertising a large English breakfast for only 140 baht (chance it was 160 baht, memory getting fuzzy 😉 ). In the picture was the pudding (yay!). Continue reading

Delicious Bauernfruhstuck! Domicil Restaurant in Pattaya

I found myself in the mood for a filling breakfast with eggs, potatoes, and some meat and stumbled across Domicil Restaurant on 2nd road in Pattaya. Taking a look at the menu I saw the big omelet filled with what promised to be all sorts of delicious goodness. I have to say I was not disappointed!

The potatoes were scalloped and mixed with ham and sauteed onions. The entire thing was covered in egg and forms a large kind of pan omelet. Breakfast came with juice, coffee, two slices of bread with jam. Delicious!

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