A very good day for bread making.

Today I had a little break, and caught up from work took a little time to relax, and get inspired watching King of Baking Kim Tak Goo a Korean drama which takes place in the world of bread baking 🙂

I was trying a King Arthur recipe (love their products) and it really looked much nicer today. No flat loaves! Inspired by the show I wanted to do it all by hand and feel the dough in my fingers and get a better feel for how wet or dry my dough was. It turned out that it really helped and as I had suspected my other loaves needed a bit more flour.

I was happy as I was rewarded with a much better rise, a much fluffier dough, and ultimately three loaves of very tasty bread.

Three loaves. Onion & Sea Salt, Garlic & Salt, and Pesto. Each brushed on the top with egg yolk wash.

The recipe, for me, made great texture, but because it utilized 2 teaspoons of commercial yeast, it wasn’t very sour. I am considering experimenting with it and forgoing the commercial yeast and opting for an overnight rise instead (if that works).

Adventures with bread baking.

Made another loaf of sourdough today. I started yesterday feeding and building up my sourdough starter, fed it twice more today, then made the bread. I gave the sponge more time to rise, going by the amount of rise and not by time. It came out much better.It took about 6 hours for the rise/punch down/rise process, but the bread was much lighter. It was still missing the large holes I want inside, but it was very tasty and the texture inside was much lighter and spongier.

I want to keep improving at it, but it was a definite step forward today.

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