Interesting Thai Snack – Spun Sugar in Crepes

As we exited the MRT station, having had a pretty good day munching our way around Chinatown, which included fresh jack fruit, any number of meat products on a stick (don’t ask me what they were, I have no idea, lol), fried seafood puffs on a stick and some Indian food, we spotted this lady who had a stand selling what looked from a distance like bits of hair extension.

She greeted us in a friendly ‘come on over’ in Thai (or at least that what I think it means), and we took a look. I asked what it was and she said sugar. Hmm sugar.

So, what the heck, 25 baht and we had a bag of blonde and brunette (ok, actually green and wheat colored :D) and another bag with a few crepes in it.

Here’s what we ate:

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The best noodle stand in Bangkok, Thailand

I love this place. Totally. Enraptured. So much so that we’ve been here four times now, each time (after discovering it the first time) making a trek out to find it *just* for the noodles before going onwards with our other plans of the day.

What is it? It’s a noodle cart! Run by a lady and (I think) her daughter, and once, when she was away what looked like her adult son covering for her while she took a quick break.

What do they do? They make fried seafood noodles, a form of Kway Teow Talay.


Why is it special? They quickly pan fry each ingredient, searing in the flavor  before pouring it over a bowl of pan seared noodles.

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