Fresh Ravioli & Fettuccine, served! :)

I served the ravioli with a red sauce that is based on what I remember of Campbell’s Pepper Pot Soup tasting like. It was robust, with a spicy flavor. The fettuccine, I served with a bacon artichoke cream sauce. The flavors worked out well with the paired pasta and played against each other pretty well too. I’m no TV food critic, but it tasted pretty good and my wife & daughter ate it up 🙂

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Pepper Jack Cheese Dogs

What better way to celebrate the all-American goodness of the Fourth of July than to make something as American as hot dogs with bacon? Hot Dogs? Bacon? Surrender, we’ve already won. It’s been said that you can’t go wrong with bacon. In this case, it’s true. Something that everyone from my youngest nephew to our uncle visiting from out of the country could get excited about! It’s very simple to make and the results are very tasty.

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Bacon Explosion

This past weekend was Super Bowl Sunday. I was having a couple of the guys over so I decided to try this interesting recipe from the BBQAddicts website. I won’t repost their recipe, but will describe what I did and the things I did, for better or worse, that was different than the recipe.

First, my ingredients. For some of the ingredients, I used the best (imho) stuff, for other ingredients it was just what was convenient. I used my local (and famous!) Gorilla BBQ spice rub. If you recognize the name, Gorilla BBQ was on Guy Fieri’s Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives television show. The sausage was home ground pork butt and seasoned using this recipe from TheSpicySausage. The barbeque sauce was Cattlemens St. Louis and the bacon, was Hormels. Continue reading

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