What’s your favorite instant food?

We eat instant noodles when we are short on time or have no energy. We find it hits the spot on those long days where you really just want to eat and eat now!

I’ve gotten into the habit of keeping a few boiled eggs on hand at all times. The fried tofu is available, ready to eat, from the Asian market, as is the pickled mustard. A little Costco rotisserie chicken and I end up with something like this (photo below)

2016-01-06 10.39.29

M;y favorite for this kind of noodle for this is instant Laksa, and my favorite brand is this one (below) A little pricey at nearly $3.00 per package, it’s worth the price package contains a genuine laksa paste. Powder can’t quite achieve the same results.

2016-01-06 10.56.31


How do you “fancy up” your noodles?

What’s your favorite make at home, low time and effort instant food?



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