We’ve been trying to part-time Paleo… yes, I know the Paleo faithful out there are cringing or screaming in their chairs right now. What it means to me, is, as much as possible, to eliminate grains from diet, with the exception meals. As someone who enjoys cooking and food, who bakes his own sourdough from scratch from time to time, who enjoys an occasional plate of pasta, it would take the flavor out of life to be too hardcore in any kind of restricted eating program or lifestyle.

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Now that being the case, we try whenever possible to skip grains and carbs. The way I think is, “Is it neccessary to have carbs in this meal to eat what I want”. Many times, the answer is no. Sometimes, the answer is yes. Zoodles (zuchinni strips simulating the shape of noodles) are fine, but if one is honest, they are not the same.

Today, for breakfast, I made a 2-3 oz steak, egg, sunny side up in a bell pepper ring, cauliflower (steamed then tossed in the pan with the oil from the steak), and a 1/3 slice of cheese on the egg. The cheese isn’t paleo (dairy) but I like the flavor so… mostly on target. Fat, protein, and the cauliflower took the place of potatoes in terms of texture and filling the belly.

What do you think? I shouldn’t even say Paleo’ish? What would you call it?

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