Beef & Mushroom in a Red Wine Stroganoff Sauce

Had a wonderful day off cooking with my daughter. I decided to blend a couple ideas together and we made oxtail stroganoff. The stroganoff sauce was based on the oxtail, assorted mushrooms including porcini for deep, intense, earthy taste, and red wine. The sauce was finished with sour cream to balance out the strong and potentially bitter flavors of the wine and mushrooms. It worked out pretty well.

We started by marinating the oxtails overnight in soy sauce, garlic, and a bit of onion. In the morning, I rolled the oxtail in flour and then put them in the broiler. I often will use a dutch oven to sear them and then make stew in the dutch oven, but today I wanted to try a broiling technique I had seen in a facebook foodie group I’m in. It worked pretty well. The oxtails, now seared, went into the crockpot to cook for 8 hours at medium low, combined with the finely chopped mushroom and the red wine. My daughter and I thenI made a simple flour and egg recipe pasta dough and set it aside . We then took some home made chicken sausage that I had previously made, and cooked it until it was done. Once cool, we chopped it in a mini food processor and added ricotta cheese, feta cheese, and a little parmesan cheese. We made balls of filling and set them in the freezer to chill.

By mid-afternoon, my daughter and I started on the pasta. First we made  a couple dozen ravioli using the filling balls. I find the press is fairly convenient, but they seem to leave a pretty large air bubble, which causes seepage and diluted flavors when cooking them. The next time, we may do it by hand, laying a flat sheet, balls of filling, painting with egg, laying the top sheet, and cutting by hand. That will be better, I think. With the ravioli done and n the freezer for a quick chill, we made the fettuccine with the remaining 3/4 of the dough.

After that, I pulled the meat from the crockpot, used a hand blender to smooth out what remained, and then added the sour cream. We used a bit of salt and pepper to round out the taste and that’s it! Great dinner with a very well developed beef and mushroom flavor.

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